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Newlea Fuel Systems provide a complete solution for fuel management encompassing fuel dispensing pumps, fuel storage tanks and a quality fuel control system.

Newlea provide the leading fleet fuel management software which can either be installed as part of a completely new fuel control system or integrated into an existing fuel dispensing system.

As the exclusive UK supplier of the Kienzle Fuel Automat management system we are able to offer 24/7 unattended Fuel Monitoring, proven to be `user friendly’ extremely reliable and versatile to customers across the U.K.

It operates up to four pump as standard and can be easily upgraded for remote / automatic tank dips via the P.C. or to operate a vehicle wash,  control access / barriers / security gates or more pumps etc.

Information can be retrieved by the P.C via DECT (radio), GSM Modem etc., and can be operated by a `Touch’ type fob key, swipe-card, or automatic vehicle recognition etc..

As standard each vehicle can be tailored to it’s own requirements as the settings are not globally set.

The robust Fuel Automat has numerous unique features, including a stainless steel front panel and key pad, with laser etched numerals and an armoured display, thus ensuring minimal abuse, maximum security and no U.V. degradation, (most other fuel monitoring front panel membranes require replacing at regular intervals, usually because they have been vandalised or have been affected by the sun and become brittle, allowing water ingress). The quality of the FA2326 Fuel Automat therefore means less `down time’ and long term value for money.

The Kienzle name has been successful in Germany for many years and you will most probably have the well known Lucas / Kienzle Tachograph’s fitted to your vehicles. We are convinced that you will not be disappointed with the Kienzle FA2326 Fuel Automat’s vast capabilities, versatility, operator friendly software and ease of use!

Call Newlea Fuel systems now to arrange a Fuel Automat demonstration, either at your premises, or at our works.